Important Indications for your chalet holiday

Dear guests,

At our internet presentation you will find the carefully prepared description of our chalets. Please read also the following indications attentively. Those are valid for our complete choice and amend our travel announcements. They conduce to inform you about the capacity of our services. Please note that these important indications are valid for all our offered trips and travel destinations and that you can only expect what we constitute in detail as follows and that we provide our services according to these indications. So we want to avoid misunderstandings and spare you a disappointment.

For questions about visa, particulars about entry (e.g. non EU-residents) and customs regulations, entrainment of pets etc. please contact your local French, Swiss or Italian Embassy respectively.

The operation time of leisure and infrastructural facilities can change depending on the season. Out of high season such facilities may have shortened opening hours or be entirely closed. Operation of ski lifts, cable cars, pistes and other open-air offers may be affected by weather and snow conditions. Most French ski areas have longer operation hours in the afternoon compared to Austrian and Swiss ski areas.

Bed linen, towels and dishcloths are usually to be brought by the tenant. In case of the possibility to rent bed linen and/or towels this will be specified in the chalet description. Please inform us with your booking about your wish to rent these items. In general the tenant has to bring toilet paper and cleanser.

In case of the availabilty additional beds and/or baby beds you will find a specification in the chalet description. Usually additional beds or baby beds are accepted within the published maximum capacity only. In case that another person in addition to the maximum capacity is alloweded, this will be specified in the chalet description. If you wish to order an additional or baby bed, this has to be requested and confirmed with your booking and your voucher will have to specify these extras.

In the chalets usually are enough dishes and cutlery for the number of booked people. Other technical and other devices as e.g. stove, microwave, dishwasher or washing machine are existing only if specified in the chalet description.

Basic cleaning is the preliminary cleaning of the rental object for the hand-over at departure and has to be made by the tenants irrespective of the final cleaning (sweeping, washing the dishes and putting them in the cupboard, bringing the garbage to the waste collection place).

Final cleaning: Usually the tenant can choose either to do the final cleaning of the rental object himself or to pay for the final cleaning to be made by the caretaker. You will find information about the final cleaning in the chalet descrition.

There may be blackouts of utilities (WC, power, heating etc..). Thank you for your understanding that repairs may take some time as the instruction of specialised staff will be necessary.

Construction in French speaking european regions and in Italy does not always meet the standard you may be used to, especially regarding characteristics like thin walls, isolation and ventilation. Rooms in the attic floor may have a pronounced roof pitch. Stairs and staircases may in particular cases be steep and/or without handrail and are therefore to be used very carefully. Child safety locks are not always existing. This should be considered at room allocation. Instead of cupboards there may be open racks or coat hooks. You cannot count on the possibility to store all clothing in the existing cupboards and storage space respectively.

In French speaking european regions and in Italy you will often find soft matresses and beds. Foam matresses are common. Bed measurements usually are: single bed 80 - 90 cms wide, double beds 130 - 140 cm wide, both 190 cm long (if not specified otherwise in the description). Should you need larger beds, please ask in advance before booking whether these are available in your chosen chalet. For upper bunk beds there is sometimes no guard. Provided baby beds (sometimes travel beds) are usually adequate for children up to 3 years.

Seasonal weather conditions may temporarily cause winterly road conditions, that will require adequate equipment (winter tyres, snow chains). This particulary applies for smaller side and access roads, that will not be cleared and salted to the same degree as traffic arterias. In particular cases winter equipment may be dictated by the police or public authorities.

Because of the special climatic and topographic conditions in the mountains you should always reckon with sleekness, black ice, mud and slippery ground. In general alleys and access roads should always be used in a careful manner that matches the conditions. The tenant is responsible for clearing and salting the access road to the chalet, whereas the caretaker will usually dispose the necessary material.

Distance data and geo-coordinate data are always approximate data, minor variations are therefore possible. The same refers to quotations of prices for leisure and infrastructural facilities.

In case of a TV in the chalet you can usually only get the local station. You can only reckon with a satellite or cable TV if this is specified in the chalet description. Anyhow this does not guarantee that you will get a channel in your own language.

If the rented chalet is equipped with internet access, a land line or wifi access will be provided; a computer (Laptop) has to be brought along by the client. The set-up has to be done by the client himself. However, technical problems and / or failures can not be ruled out. Full responsibility for the use of the internet connection in holiday accommodations lies with the tenant and members of its group. When using internet, legal directions have to be considered. They may vary according to different countries. Neither the provider of the internet connection nor the owner of the chalet nor the tour operator but only the user of the internet connection is fully liable in case the internet connection is misused for illegal downloads or illegal websites. Same also applies for contracts that are made via such a misused internet line or the order of services with costs.

In rural areas and in the mountains the may be no mobile phone signal. You may contact your telephone provider concerning further information about network coverage as well as costs of using your mobile phone abroad.

In case of garden furniture specified in the chalet description, there may be less chairs than the maxium of people that may rent a chalet. Deck chairs and patio umbrellas are availably only if specified in the description.

If an accommodation disposes of a jacuzzi, this might be unusable on arrival / departure day, due to water exchange and/or heating up.

Most holiday resorts charge a visitor's tax. You will usually have to pay this tax to the caretaker on arrival according to the current official rate.